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(1) 採用竹板材質,   有三種尺寸,  適合多種玻璃瓶尺寸選用;
(2)   瓶蓋燈已含變壓器,   隨插即用,   無須另外加購變壓器; 
(3)   變壓器外置, 壽命長, 並附獨立開關電源, 開關燈超便利, 免拔插頭;
(4) LED植物燈板以低壓驅動, 有效預防人體觸電;
(5) 產品套裝為竹蓋(含驅動變壓器);「不包含」植物與玻璃瓶





LED Grow Light Bulb

The 9W LED Grow Light Bulb was designed with efficiency and versatility in mind. While it may be the smallest light we offer, don't let it fool you, the VITALUX is a serious producer. Using a single Grow Light Bulb is perfectly suited to small, personal grows in concealed spaces and, because of our proprietary spectral output, you will enjoy faster growth rates, tight internode spacing, prolific flowering. Specifically designed with stealth growing in mind, this small but capable light can supply your needs. 

This is the answer for a quick, easy way to grow your own supply discreetly! Superior build-quality, performance, and reliability comes standard with every LED Grow Light from VITALUX LED. 

The 9W LED Grow Bulb can be used as supplemental lighting for small greenhouse spaces or as the primary lighting source for indoor growing applications such as closets and cabinets. The size, footprint, and capabilities of this light makes it popular amongst individuals, self-reliance gardeners, and Legal Medical Growers. Explore our various LED grow tests to see our lights in action! 

Seed Starting & Clones 
All VITALUX LED Grow Lights are capable of seed starting and supporting clones. This model delivers very intense spectra of light which can overwhelm seedlings and clones - to compensate for it, you must keep the light at 15cm above most sprouts until the first sets of true leaves are formed or your clones are rooted. Height depends on the light needs of the particular plant being grown. 

Vegetative Growth 
Because of the balanced light spectra we use, our lights offer unparalleled vegetative growth, resulting in thick-stemmed, stocky plants with plenty of branching and flowering sites. Suitable for growing vegetative-only plants such as lettuce, herbs, spinach, kale, and more. During vegetative growth, keep the light at a distance of 15-30cm from the tops of the plants. 

Flowering Stage 
Our lights were specifically designed to be versatile enough to grow both vegetative plants and flowering/fruiting plants. There is no need to change between output spectra or use a different light for flowering than for vegetative growth. Each light from VITALUX LED can help your plants thrive from seed or clone through flowering stage. Our users experience the same or better flowering using our lights than using HPS. Please contact us for proper setup instructions. During flowering stage, keep the light at a distance of 15~30cm from the canopy. 

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